The Alchemy of Ascension

The Alchemy of Ascension

Everything in nature is based off of energy. Humans are a recollection of energy. Thoughts are a form of energy. Matter is moving energy. Alchemy is the synchronization of energy and matter.

Yoga is a science, not a physical exercise. Americans get confused, when discussing yoga. When the word yoga is mentioned, some may think of stretching, or worse yet, new age philosophy. People that have such erroneous pre-programmed ideas of yoga, shouldn’t be practicing it in the first place. Starting off with Raja yoga or something more basic, would be more appropriate, to remove and dissolve the ego ingrained in the mind and soul.

The aims of yoga are many. Some may turn to yoga to relieve stress. Or even to extend lifespan. There are so many uses for yoga that it is impossible to even attempt to name them all. Simply put, yoga is a catalyst for human integration of the mind and heart to take place.

There are many different types of yoga. We won’t discuss them all, but just skim on the main premises of why yoga may be the most beneficial practice ever invented. As stated before, yoga is a science, not an exercise. Exercise is for the somatic musculature body. Yoga is for the mind, heart, and soul.

The essence of yoga is simple: removing from bodily attachments and transitioning into ethereal bliss. Yoga has the tendency to make people very detached. This may be good, but can also be dangerous, in the case with Kundalini yoga. Caution should be advised, for those going into esoteric forms of yoga. Start with the basics, don’t get too advanced at first.

Kriya yoga, Bikram yoga, are fine for starters, yet the elderly should be sure to be in good health, before becoming dedicated to any sort of strenuous yoga practice. We won’t mention any of the esoteric yogas, because they’re simply too complicated and impractical, for most to even think of. Yoga is like a pyramid. We must work our way up. As we begin to open our chakras, we will be guided to the right teacher, at the right time and place.

We also will not get into the various physical, psychic, and other phenomenon, associated with advanced yoga practices. This article is basic. An introduction to yoga, a beginner’s guide. Future articles may discuss other advanced and esoteric yogas. This article is designed to guide the practitioner towards the right yoga, at their present state of consciousness and physical capacity.

India is the mother of all yoga. Some say that yoga is the precursor to wrestling, some say the opposite. Who knows? They are both interrelated. It would make sense, if yoga bore wrestling into existence.

There are so many ways to enhance one’s yoga practice, as well, that we will discuss in future articles. For now, the yoga beginner should decide which yoga is right for them. What are they looking to achieve? Spiritual cleansing, physical toning, youthfulness, awakening. These are all good reasons to start doing yoga.

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Biological Precepts for Immortality

Dr. Alexis Carrell, a French surgeon and biologist, once stated, “The cell is immortal, it is merely the fluid surrounding the cell that degenerates, replace this fluid and life may go on forever.” While many people, living in the world, are taught much different concepts, his quote is actually quite accurate and true, from a scientific perspective. Cells are the storehouses of energy and ATP, for the human body, to manufacture every organ, sinew, and bone in the body. It is very common, to dump aspartame or fast food chemicals, into the body, which results in a death aptosis, causing the human body to decay and die slowly but surely. However, there is a much different approach, that is, to incorporate living foods into one’s diet, to change the dietary makeup into one that is natural, wholesome, and filled with living energy.

Kirlan photography, a modern tool used to detect the amount of life force present in foods, is becoming increasingly popular. Non-organic foods, have been shown to have less vitamins, minerals, and overall nutrients. This is because, the organic produce, is forced to extract more minerals from the ground and develop more vitamins from the sun, since it doesn’t have pesticides to make for a weak crop. What happens, when a person eats non organic food or produce, is their body has to compensate for the loss and has to extract minerals from the bones, or vitamins stored in the bodily organs. This causes an overall loss of life force that the body inherits and is the prime factor resulting in early mortality.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) may be the most hazardous introduction to the world food supply. Countered with every day exposure to stress, toxins, and negative people, it can be a disaster. This causes one’s health to become compromised and eventually, deteriorate. That forms the necessary basis, for increasing antioxidant rich foods into one’s diet and upgrading to a wholesome natural foods diet. When that change occurs, health transformations are bound to occur.

Stay tuned for our upcoming articles!


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Our Mission

Immortal Yoga is a public organization designed to assist with the database of knowledge available to the world on topics such as: health, science, yoga, longevity, advanced herbalism, clinical herbalism, dis-ease prevention, and optimal well being. Who we aren’t are medical management systems (dis-ease management systems), Allopathic practitioners, pill pushers, nor do we have any ties with municipalities or government organizations, including the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). We recognize the body’s inherent ability to rejuvenate itself, produce new life energy (also called chi or Qi), cleanse the blood stream, manufacture new cells in every organ, and maintain cellular integrity. Our information is designed to assist you not into a quest for information, but into a living library of it.

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